Worship Arts

Worship Arts are diverse expressions which celebrate & tell The Story of God’s Redeeming Grace at work in the Church and the World. All our worship is a gift to God. Worship Arts ministries participate with the whole congregation in offering this gift, and they nurture the congregation’s relationship with the Word of God & the Sacraments.

The heart of the musical vision of our church is that all God’s people, in all our diversity, sing our praise and worship to God together. On a Sunday morning, led by the choir, organ and our music teams, we raise our voices together in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs (Eph. 5:19).

Praising God together with all that we have at our disposal–voices, organ, drums, guitars, trumpets, bells, accordions, violins, even tubas–our sounds blend and fill the sanctuary in an expression of the unity of the Body of Christ and the beauty of God’s kingdom. As part of the global church, we sing old songs, new songs, and songs from churches in other parts of the world.

In addition to congregational singing, devotional music–instrumental and vocal pieces, organ voluntaries and choral anthems–plays a vital role in leading our imagination to meditate on the word and sacraments and to focus our prayers.

Whatever your age and ability, there is an opportunity for you to participate in our music program.

SUNDAY WORSHIP 8:30am and 11:00am Sunday School 9:50am

Memorial Day to Labor Day 2nd Service will be at 10:30am